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Proposed Repertoire (instrumental, initial)

These are just from going through one website and picking out the songs that sound good/OK in multi-instrument transcriptions/arrangements... by no means final, can definitely have a lot of other stuff if you want~ plus have already had requests for some stuff that's piano-only o_O! Also, note that I didn't include vocal stuff here for the most part, there's lots of that around too.

"Silent Life"
Instrumentation: 1 piano / 1 flute / 1 bass

Ah! My Goddess!
"Morgan - Amor Tristis"
Instrumentation: 1 flute / 1 harp / 1 piano + full strings (inc. db)

Ayashi no Ceres
Instrumentation: 1 piano / 2 percussion

Azumanga Daioh
"New School Term 6"
Instrumentation: 1 cello / 1 piano

Chrono Cross
"Time's Scar"
Instrumentation: 1 flute / 1 violin / 1 piano

"Memory of Fanelia"
Instrumentation: string quartet

Final Fantasy XI
Instrumentation: 1 flute / 1 Bb clarinet / 1 piano

Love Hina
Instrumentation: 1 chime/bell / 1 violin / 1 cello / 1 piano / 2 percussion + voices

Maison Ikkoku
"Mono Omoi"
Instrumentation: 2 violin / 2 cello

"Sorrow and Sadness"
Instrumentation: 1 flute / 2 violin / 1 piano / 1 acoustic guitar / 1 e.bass / 1 banjo

Record of Lodoss War
"Adesso e Fortuna"
Instrumentation: 1 cello / 1 piano

Record of Lodoss War
"Kaze no Fantasia"
Instrumentation: string quartet

Super Smash Brothers Melee
"Fountain of Dreams"
Instrumentation: 1 Bb clarinet / 1 flute / 1 French horn / 1 oboe / 1 piano / at least 5 violin (or possibly viola can take some parts) / 1 tuba / 2 percussion / other melody instruments

Zelda - A Link to the Past
Instrumentation: string quartet

Zelda - Link's Awakening
Instrumentation: 1 flute / 1 oboe / 1 Bb clarinet / 1 alto sax / 1 tenor sax / 1 French horn / 1 Bb trumpet / 1 trombone / 1 baritone / 2 percussion / 2 violin

All instrumentation is from the arrangements found at Ichigo's Sheet Music. Other music can be found at sites listed here, haven't had time to trawl through them yet.

Other options would include classical music used in shows, since the sheet music is easy to source... things like Pachelbel's Canon and Bach's Air in G (both End of Evangelion, apparently).

We still need: more strings, brass, oboe, percussion, harp, banjo (o_O!). Full list below, but anyone else who wants to get involved can... we can't have one person playing viola and tuba at the same time, it's quite difficult...

Currently Involved

Jedi_Amara, Kurochan, [HiKaizer, but we need him for his uncommon instruments]


bokusatsu-tenshi, possibly JA's brother if she can coerce him into it~

Double Bass

mai_angel24, possibly Nikki

Kawaii-C (+bass), James


French Horn

Alto Saxophone
Kadaj, Chibi Millie Thompson

Tenor Saxophone





Acoustic Guitar
Ruku-san, Chibi Millie Thompson, Kadaj, James

Electric Guitar
Chibi Millie Thompson, Kadaj, James

Bass Guitar
Ruku-san, Chibi Millie Thompson, Kadaj, James

Jedi_Amara, Flipper, Chibi Millie Thompson, Kadaj, .baorin//LEE

Administrative Issues

When will we run rehearsals? Over summer - more time. Weekly? More/less often? During term/semester - study, work. Weekends or after class?

Where can we rehearse? Does someone have a house that will fit all of us + instruments and is easy to get to? Otherwise - eg. rent a room at a studio or university. Need money for this. Could we affiliate with one of the university clubs (eg. 3WA) and book through the club as a club room?

Who gets which part where more than one person plays an instrument? Auditions/last exam for level? Parts weighted to the higher levels but the easier pieces can go to the lower levels, so everyone gets a go.

Where do we get money from? Money required for printing parts + possibly for rehearsal space...

Transcription Sites

List copied from [josh].

[0engine] (32)
[animescores] (83)
[ashi] (5)
[blemified] (45)
[boa] (1)
[cherryhouse] (5)
[chibiusa] (54)
[gedtag] (36)
[gff-cb1] (6)
[gff-cb2] (19)
[gff-cflav] (1)
[gff-esca] (2)
[gff-eva] (11)
[gff-face] (12)
[gff-hack] (3)
[gff-hnk] (5)
[gff-jh] (45)
[gff-kk] (5)
[gff-sa2] (6)
[gff-sa4h] (7)
[ichigos] (250)
[irrealistic] (4)
[jh-net] (84)
[josh] (335)
[k-squeak] (2)
[liminal] (11)
[lindestinel] (32)
[mb] (1)
[mncw] (2)
[musicstar] (26)
[nanami] (2)
[naushika] (1)
[notefly] (15)
[omega-reborn] (5)
[partyboy] (9)
[pianosquall] (9)
[ricebaby] (14)
[rushita] (14)
[seedgenesis] (1)
[silosit] (13)
[sodara] (39)
[symphony] (2)
[tomobiki] (13)
[topazstorm] (10)
[weiB] (10)
[whuang] (3)
[yt] (89)
[yume-mi] (64)
[yzak] (1)


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